CShell Health is a media technology company that uses augmented intelligence to reframe consumer health information using new paradigms: the life course model and epigenetics. 

Our goal

We leverage innovations in public health and artificial intelligence to catalogue the instructions on how to live a self-regulating healthy life.

Our approach

Our goal has two components: to move away from traditional paradigms in health that focus on the presence or absence of disease; and to understand how to slow aging at all life stages. 

Current health information is often inaccessible and lacks transparency about how certain health procedures affect us. It helps you find treatments and make small behavioral changes, oftentimes after frustrating and lengthy searches.

Our content is not only transparent, but it is presented in manner that is easy to understand and helps you contextualize your experience with health in the context of your community.

Visit us or book an appointment with us so we can use our information synthesis and expertise in public health to advocate for your long and healthy life. We help with a myriad of issues ranging from health insurance coverage and enrollment, nutrition, mental health, as well as COVID-19 guidance specific to your situation.

The power of CShell Health lies in understanding what we can and cannot control. Discover how to maximize your quality of life today.