“Cshell helped me see the long-term costs and outcomes for my condition so that I could choose alternatives that were more cost-effective.”

“I had to learn a lot about the healthcare system from cshell so that I could communicate to healthcare professionals and get what I wanted, including my personal data. I saw that I needed to take my health journey responsibly because I know my condition the best and need to communicate my medical history effectively to healthcare professionals so as to avert unnecessary visits and procedures. They cautioned me to not take for granted what doctors tell me as they can be driven by financial incentives for procedures like surgery and on-going prescription drugs. I found them very resourceful and realized I had rights I didn’t know about.”

“Cshell provided me with health insurance insights so that I could appeal healthcare decisions and continue to see my specialist who is out-of-network in my new plan.”

“Through cshell’s consultation, I realized that certain activities could eliminate treatment, including the use of personal devices and psychosocial support.”

“Cshell walked me through choosing a new health plan based on my needs and location. They saved hours of research time, and explained why I had good experiences in the past from certain plans.”

“We identified patterns in my illness and its source; and they designed a self-care regimen that substitutes antibiotics with homeopathic remedies.”