CShell Health is passionate about fostering an equitable healthcare system. We are Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health graduates.

Michelle Rufrano, MA, MPH

CEO & Co-Founder

Michelle is a sociologist who teaches at Fordham University with a history of working in youth development and social justice initiatives. She has back pain and plantar fasciitis. She started doing yoga when she was twelve and also has a strong weightlifting practice to balance the yin-yang of her body. As a woman of color, she does not feel like the current healthcare system provides acceptable solutions to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Jean-Ezra Yeung, MPH

COO & Co-Founder

Jean-Ezra is a healthcare economist who has worked for Mount Sinai Health System and Aetna (a CVS Health company). He has suffered from back pain and related compensation injuries for thirteen years. He paved his own path to recovery when he found regular treatments ineffective and costly. Prior to a severe acute hip injury, he was a high school cross-country runner and collegiate soccer player.